Essential Visual Studio Code Extensions

July 18th, 20181 min read
  1. Prettier - beautifies your html, css, and js code.
  2. Quokka - rapid prototyping playground in your editor.
  3. Guides - adds indentation guide lines.
  4. GitLens - supercharge the Git capabilities.
  5. Live Server - launches a development local Server with live reload feature for static & dynamic pages.
  6. VS Live Share - streamlines collaborative editing and debugging in real-time.
  7. Settings Sync - stores your setting in the cloud.
  8. Import Cost - display the size of an npm package inside the editor.
  9. Color Info - provides quick information css colors.
  10. Polacode - creates beatiful code snapshots.
  11. TODO Highlight - highlights your todo's.
  12. Markdown All in One - markdown goodies.
  13. Markdown Emoji - adds emoji support to markdown preview.
  14. Markdow Preview Github Styling - add's github styling in your markdown.
  15. Image Preview - displays an image preview in the gutter.